Mike Jenkins

Mike Jenkins


As the owner of Traxxas, The Fastest Name In Radio Control,® Mike has spent a lifetime around radio-controlled racing cars and trucks, and fulfilled his passion for full-size motorsports with forays into motocross, drag racing, and later, road racing with Corvettes, Miatas and other sports cars. In 2007, Mike and brother Mark began racing the SCCA’s Mazda MX-5 Cup series, which features specially prepared open-roof sportscars with strict “spec” rules that keep the cars very closely matched. In this highly competitive form of sportscar racing, meticulous preparation and precise, consistent driving are critical to success, and are skills that translate to all racing disciplines— including off-road racing.


After a trip to Primm, Nevada for an up-close look at short-course off-road racing, Mike recognized the high-intensity motorsport as the perfect fit for Traxxas, the number-one name in hobby-class radiocontrolled cars and trucks. The over-the-top horsepower, incredible air time and go-for-it driving style of short-course racing was like R/C off-roading gone “full size.” Traxxas quickly signed on to sponsor Pro Light champ Jeff Kincaid, and Mike and Mark formed Jenkins Brothers Racing to field a twotruck Traxxas team of their own, with Mark driving a Pro 2WD truck and Mike climbing into a Pro 4X4 machine.


Despite racing against a field of drivers with far more off-road experience, Mike finished his rookie season with ten top-10 finishes, one top-five, and two third-place podium spots in seventeen starts to become the 2008 Pro-4 Rookie of the Year. In 2009, Traxxas signed on as the title sponsor of TORC, THE Traxxas Off-Road Championship. Mike finished the inaugural TORC season with five top-5 finishes and two visits to the podium. He finished third at the historic Crandon International Raceway, and capped the season with his first TORC-series win in the final round of TORC racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


Mike Jenkins #47 TORC Pro 2



Mike Jenkins #47 Stadium Super Truck