Tightening loose screws with thread lock glue

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Tightening loose screws with thread lock glue

Vehicles produce small vibrations that may loosen hardware over time. For additional security, thread locker can be placed on the fastener to prevent it from loosening.

Loctite brand thread lock is available in three different strengths: Red is the strongest, Blue is medium and Green is for light duty applications. We recommend that you use the medium strength (blue) for securing the engine mount screws. If you use the heavy duty Red Loc-Tite there's a chance that the screws will become permanently threaded. Blue loc-Tite can be used anywhere on your vehicle where metal threads into metal, i.e. Engine mounts, aluminum accessory parts, chassis components, etc.

Important! Wear safety glasses or other eye protection when using Loc-Tite to keep the thread locker from accidentally spattering into your eyes. Your eyes are important, so don't take a shortcut with your safety.

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