How To - Clean and Re-oil the Air Filter

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Cleaning and Re-oiling the Air filter

For best performance and longevity of the engine\'s internals, Traxxas recommends cleaning and oiling the air filter every hour of operation.

1. Remove airfilter from carburetor and separate the base from the element housing.

2. Pull the foam element out of the housing and wash the foam element in a bowl of warm soapy water (dish washing soap works best).

3. Dry the element with compressed air or a paper towel. Make sure that the element is completely dry before applying fresh filter oil.

4. Place 30 drops of the recommended Traxxas airfilter oil evenly around the whole foam element and work it in until the entire element is pink in color. Do not squeeze out excess oil. 30 drops is the recommended amount of filter oil.

5. Blow out all dirt particles from the airfilter housing with compressed air or electric motor spray, and install the clean, oiled foam element back into the housing.

6. Reinstall the filter base back into the housing. Now the airfilter is ready to be fitted back onto the carburetor. Remember to use a zip-tie at the base of the filter to holder the filter securely to the carburetor. Traxxas recommends that the airfilter be cleaned after every hour of runtime. If the engine is operated in very dusty conditions, then clean the airfilter after every 30-min of runtime.

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