Traxxas Lifetime Electronics Warranty

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Need electronic repairs after your warranty expires? We make it easy.

Traxxas makes warranty and repair service simple. It begins with a call to 888-TRAXXAS (888-872-9927).  One of our friendly and knowledgeable support technicians will help you determine the best way to get your model back in action with fully functional electronics. Often a product might appear to be defective or malfunctioning only because it is being used improperly or requires a simple adjustment. One phone call to our experienced support staff just might get you back running quickly and easily! If you do require service after the expiration date of the warranty period, Traxxas will repair or replace electronic components at a fixed rate (see chart below) plus $5.00 U.S. for shipping and handling. The electronic products covered by this extended service plan include electronic speed controls, transmitters, receivers, servos, battery chargers and DTS-1. Brushed motors and mechanical speed controls are not covered. Other mechanical repairs will be estimated separately. The covered repairs are limited to non-mechanical components that have NOT been subjected to modification, abuse, misuse, or neglect. Products damaged by intentional abuse, misuse, or neglect, may be subject to additional charges.

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