Fuel Mixture Setting (TRX .15 Nitro Sport)

Article #10220

The mixture screw controls how much fuel enters the engine. With the radio system on and the air filter removed, adjust the throttle trim knob on the transmitter until the throttle just closes against its stop. Now, turn the mixture screw clockwise, by hand, until it stops. (Do not tighten or the needle may be damaged). Now, turn the mixture screw out, counter-clockwise, 1 3/4 complete turns.

NOTE: If you live in higher altitudes (3000 feet or higher above sea level), it may be necessary for you to set your fuel mixture as lean as 1 1/4 turns out from closed. Make sure the engine runs rich during the break-in process. Call 1-888-TRAXXAS if you have questions about setting your fuel mixture.


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