Starting out with a stock Slash, I have have converted most of it into a PL Pro-2 truck. As a result, I have a lot of Slash parts sitting in around (chassis, arms, tranny cases, etc). These parts, with a bunch more I have collected over the years got me to thinking what I could build. With the wheels left over from my 4x4 Pede (now coverted to a 4wd Slash), I decided on build an MT Slash, a truck that will do wheelies on command and will be the truck I let family and friends drive.

So, I have the chassis just about done, I need to get some shocks together and mount up the body, the last things will be the ESC, motor and radio. What I am finding is that I almost had enough parts to do this build, I have had to go to the hobby shop to get some parts and pieces. Looking at the receipts, I am about $60 into this 'spare parts' build, without the electronics. I figure when I am done I will will likely have $120 - $150 into this truck. While I like the thought of using up parts just laying around, it seems like it just would have been cheaper to buy a used RTR and roller.

Anyone else find this same problem when they went to do a 'spare parts' build?