Alright so I just recently sold my dads revo 3.3 (tried to convert to electric but it had so many problems and we just sold it) so I gave him my stampede 2wd and he wants to convert to a slash. He's already got some nice PL Mashers 2.8 MT wheels. So I thought I will get the LCG chassis for me and hand down my HCG chassis to him. So with these wheels and a slash body this is what I believe it would look like, kinda like a Slash MT
So we sold the revo for $180, and I just shipped out my CC SCT esc for the waterproof version at the cost of a $40 upgrade. And let's be on the safe side and say the LCG chassis is another $40 (I know I will get it a little cheaper, no place has them in stock anyways) so that leaves me with a good chunk of cash (I can't go over so I will leave a little extra room) let's call it $85 shipped
So my question is what should I get?

Here is a list of what I would like to get with that $85:
-Robinson racing gears (19/56 32p) about $35
-Rpm rear A-arms about $12
-any suggestions?
Here is a list of what I've done to my slash so far:
-STRC C-blocks
-Aluminum rear bearing/axle carriers
-STRC bellcranks
-PL Badlands on PL beadloc's
-Rpm front a-Arms
-rpm front bumper
-rpm rear bumper
-rpm LED light canisters (Front & Rear)
-Rpm mud flaps (totally worth the money! They just look awesome)
-Rpm rear bumper mount (the stock one kept popping off from jumping)
As you can see I'm a big fan if rpm lol, can you believe I just got this slash for Christmas! It lasted stock for about 2 packs the out some of the rpm stuff I got for Xmas along with it.
Here's my slash (it's a roller for the next 2 weeks ) Please help me spend my money! Lol

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