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    Yet Anouther Build Completed/Bro-in-law bit by the bug/Newest Hobby Store EMPLOYEE...

    Hey guys,

    Yup.. In one weekend, busted out yet another build. This one isn't "all hooked up" like my other main builds, as it isn't mine, and isn't nearly completed just yet.... This truck, was my stock Stampede, and I gave it to my brother in law as he recently got bit by the bug.. hard. Now he is excited to have his own truck, and I am excited to have a member of my family into this hobby as well to share with. Plus driving two trucks at a time, is so much fun.

    So it started when My bro in law purchased a RC mini-heli, than expressed major interest in the land part of the hobby, came over to throw in some wrench time and learn, and came over with his first painted body, and ordered a Tacon Motor, and SPC batteries under my advice. I supplied him with the Truck as his, and a Remote n Charger to use to get him started. Saturday he came over, and we started wrenching away. Excellent time. Took my Stock XL-1 with AM radio, and took the truck apart, and replaced with better hardware.. Turned out awesome, and he's way excited. Just gotta get him to post here, although he has seem may threads.


    Note: Yes I know the fronts are backwards It was late, and they got thrown on, and we had to sneak some pics real quick, before any damages to the body

    ** As for the body, This is a replica of our work trucks. I am a Union Painter/Commercial & Industrial and we both work at the same location. So this is also the same work trucks I am in daily. The results turned out fantastic, and he is super excited to get his truck to brushless specs, and get going. He had previously driven mine, and jumped straight into brushless. Until the Tacon motor arrives, and we pair it with a LRP speed control I have, it is currently running a brushed system. XL-5 w Electrifly s600 combo. So far We have added bearings, Steel links, Kimborogh servo saver, RPM Rear Carriers, Traxxas Big Bore Shock Caps, Progressive Springs, Hex Hardware, Hex Pins, and Updated ESC Mount and Receiver holder, and new Tranny on the way.

    Also.. As of today, It's official. I am now a employee of a local hobby store. After one of the new shops opened, they saw my trucks. They decided to hire more people part time, and sought me out because of my vehicle knowledge, and passion for the hobby. When I came in next, they made the offer. They offered me a night a week, and couple Saturdays here and there, which is perfect. Reason isn't so much the extra cash that will come a few hours a week.... The benefit is..... PARTS AT COST!! Couple hours a week, and I get parts at a major discount. booo yaaa

    I've always said, Will work for parts. Now it's gonna be true

    But the Truck results were fantastic, and if(when) you see him here, please give him a warm welcome! As I know you already do to everyone
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