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    Cracks in the inner hull

    I was cleaning my boat after a couple of runs and noticed a crack in the inner hull of the right side of the boat. It on the right side towards the bow and extends from the side wall to the floor and disappears under the styrofoam. No cracks on the outter hull. Then on Sunday I was slowly bringing the boat towards me and I hear a loud "pop" and when I looked inside the boat I had the same exact crack on the left side of the boat. There in no damage on the outter hull but I see no reason for the boat to crack in the exact same place on each side of the boat. No water is getting inside the boat. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I park the boat and buy a new hull or can I live with it or should I attempt to fix it or what? Thanks in advance

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    I have not experienced this, and to best of memory, this is the first time it has come up.

    I would contact Traxxas before doing anything else, they have been standing behind their warranty very well and will advise you how to proceed.


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    I agree with contacting Traxxas. I've had great service with them. If they don't replace it, I would use some ABS cement to apply over the cracks. I would think they are a stress crack and maybe the pressure has already been released. Now it's just a matter of keeping it together. If you can, post some pictures for us.

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