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    Question HELP! my revo wont shift into second

    My revo wont shift into second its stuck in first

    i tried to switch my shift points but nothing still wont shift

    my revo is not running ritch,

    but i did have to replace a gear in the trans,

    i was messing with it and i think i messed up the second gear the screw that goes into the silver thing on
    second gear is all the way in. do i have it too far in?

    or how many turns is it supposed to go in?

    please help i dont want to keep running it in first it revs too high and i dont want to blow my motor

    Thanks guys.

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    hold it in your hand and see if it will shift

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    The silver thing is the 2nd speed clutch, and the screw is the shift point. You can tighten it down were it will stay in first or back it off where it will stay in second. And anything in between. Traxxas don't give us a factory setting number, but six turns out from all the way down will get you in the ball park. Be careful not to back the screw all the way out. It will let go of the spring and you'll have to buy another one.

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    What I did was tighten it down not hard just do u know its all the way ..all act and shift differently..make 1/4 turns at a time. It will start shifting long first. Keep 1/4 turns until u get it shifting where you went. Like Mark Ball said don't go to 5 turns out my nut came out and I had to replace the shifting module myself..take your time you will get it...good luck
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    thanks i think i got it. you guys are amazing!

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