It would def be cheating unless everyone would have 1.
I will dig mine up.

so far my starting setup will be:

Tires, I got proline m4 snipers for the rear, and mounted them with cut down traxxas foams as you mentioned. They are very pliable with the softer foams. I have 4 m2 calibers about 30% worn, 4 m2 badlands, and my pair of getto blade trx s1 tires for the front to try.

Big bore shocks with 35wt rear lowered 3mm and 40wt ft lowered 2mm internally. Have a bunch of springs to try.

Stock chassis, proline kit, 6 yr old hot racing c-blocks lol, modded slash 4x4 crank, rpm rear skid.
They sent me the wrong bumper so I am modding something up with it.

Gearing, I have 13-18t pinions, and 60,56,and 54 spurs

Electronics mmp,4600kv,savox 0251, flysky tx

Gearbox HR alum box with motor plate from HR composite box, vxl gears, open diff(MUST do something to slow it down), avid revolution bearings throughout the truck, need 1 more axle assembly for backup

Proline chevy 1500 body

Not sure on shock position, but gonna lay them down to start.

Camber will be
LF +1
RF -2
LR 0
RR -2