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    Battery conversion TRAXXAS Rustler

    Hi everyone,
    This is my first post here. I have an old broken ACME 1/10 4x4 truggy with a brushless motor and Fullymax Li-Po battery (2200mAh 11.1V 3s Cont 25c/Burst 50c) battery. My partner ordered this car online from the UK for my birthday and unfortunately we have had to order parts from the UK every time the car has broken down as it is not stocked in australia.

    I am looking for a replacement car and have found that a fair few Australian RC shops stock TRAXXAS cars.
    The Rustler seems fairly durable and reasonably priced, although it has a Nimh battery.
    How much of a performance improvement would i see if i were able to replace the stock battery and motor with my set?


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    This should be in the rustler forum, but im sure the mods will move it so ill just answer anyway.

    If you buy a Rustler VXL you wont need to replace anything. IMO, fix the other one you have and sell it, buy a new rustler VXL and never look back. I doubt the motor from your other truck would be more powerful than the VXL motor in the rustler.

    On the other hand, your 2200mah 3S pack isnt going to last very long so perhaps look at ordering a lipo or two when you order the truck. Go with a good 2S lipo in the rustler and youll be very happy.

    The rustler is an excellent on/off road machine. It can be setup to go fast on road or setup as a great offroad basher. IF you feel 4X4 is a necessary feature for you, have a look at the traxxas Stampede 4X4. They sell the 4X4 with a lipo battery and charger included all in one package. It will definitely be better than whatever the ACME truck is your running now.
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    Thanks for your help. I jumped into the deep end and bought myself a rustler vxl. Its an amazing car and Im very happy I took your advice :-)

    I don't quite think I can fix my acme car though. It was a kit and knowing nothing about the hobby and loctite, I managed to soak the screws in loctite (manual simply had a picture of someone apply loctite to the screws). When I stripped the gears I ended up stripping the screws as well and now its impossible to take the car apart.

    Lesson learnt, albeit an expensive one...
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    We all learn a lot from experience. You'll love the Rusty. Post up some pics when she's up and running.
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