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    Breaking in motors

    I just purchased a new 3903 Emaxx and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I've seen a lot about breaking in the motors while reading around the forums. What is the best way to break in the twin titans? I don't want to do the water method as I've heard a lot about it messing up the motor life. So do I just run easy for two packs? Or can I just run it in training mode for two packs? Or will that not allow enough power to do the job? What will work the best?

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    Search" dry method motor break in" on YouTube that should give you some help

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    the water (distilled) works great I've never had a problem with it- you can use fully charged batteries- they need to be under no load around 3-4 volts (or the lowest you can get them to run)

    if you don't want to do the water method - just loosen the motor screws on the model and retighten them with the pinion spaced away from the spur gear- use fully charged batteries and use the trim on the radio to turn the speed down as low as you can get it- run them for 20 minutes like that then lube the bushings with oil and put the motors back on the spur, probably want to recharge the batteries and go for a run...

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