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    Screw question...

    Of all the hardware I have, which is everything. I have forgotten to get screws for my GTR shocks. I want to through bolt them. I've been looking forever and can't seem to find them. Just to confirm what I need, I'm looking for m3 x 35mm screws and nuts correct..? I'm ready to build my slash and have forgotten probably $10 or so in screws... Thanks for the help, I'll check the thread tomorrow.

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    35mm should be long enough to go all the way through and nut the end. i think i have a proline mounting kit with mine and it had a nice assortment of hardware with it. i don't think it had screws long enough to go all the way thru tho since looking at mine they don't have nuts on the end but they are long enough that they're not just backing out either.

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