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    Platinum Upgrades

    I finally had a little time today so I decided it was Upgrade time.

    Just some parts I ordered in the last couple of weeks:

    -Aluminium C-hubs, caster blocks and axle carriers
    -Aluminum Spur gear
    -New pinions (went from 52/14 to 54/17)
    -GTR Shocks


    Rear done:


    Coming up next: STRC shock towers (F+R), expected in the next two weeks.

    I noticed another part I'd like to upgrade before it breaks while I put on the rear axle carriers: Drive shafts are pretty worn out at the yokes:

    I haven't really decided what replacements to use yet. You guys have any ideas/recommendations? I saw lots of threads about using MIP X-Duty, but also many threads about struggling to get them to fit. For now I'll just swap the front and rear driveshafts, as the front ones are a lot less beaten up. At least that gives me a smaller chance of breaking them.

    But that'll have to wait until tomorrow, since it's 2:45 a.m. here and I need to start working in about 5 hrs lol.
    G'night everyone!

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    The Tekno cvds are greats.

    I run MIP's on every truck I own. Some require a little work with a shim or two, but they are never going to fail.

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