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    Tear down and rebuild Video TRX 3.3

    Hey all,

    Hopefully I won't be boring or annoying anyone by doing this, but I wanted to post links to my two videos relating to the TRX 3.3. I'm not trying to spam anyone, just offering up a resource for someone who wants to do this. Hope that's ok with everyone

    Tear down:


    I'm not an expert and don't claim to be. If there is something I labeled wrong let me know and I'll correct it with an annotation in the video. Thanks in advance, and if you'd like please subscribe! I could use it.

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    The piston and sleeve in your motor actually looks like it doesn't have much pinch left. It looks like it spun all the way up and past TDC pretty easily with little resistance. Did you have any problems with it running before you tore it down? When mine got to that point (where it would roll up to and past TDC) very easily, it absolutely would not run. Mine would get to 200F and just stall no matter what the tune was.

    I noticed you also said in the first vid that if you take out the piston and sleeve you have to go through the break in process again. I assume you meant if you re assemble with a new P/S combo. You can take the old one out and clean the whole motor and then re assemble everything and run it like nothing happened using the same parts if they are still good. I assume that's what you meant.

    Also just a tip on your header. If you want to make it easier to install run the spring mount header. It eliminates trying to get that pesky bottom screw out. You do have to mod the metal retaining ring that the springs hook onto so it'll clear the ez start housing but it's just a little minor grinding.

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    Thank you for the reply and some great insight! No I wasn't having any trouble keeping it running before the tear down. I will see about getting an extra piston and sleeve to have on hand just in case. As for the re-break-in no I actually didn't know, although it does make sense that you wouldn't have to with the old P/S. Thank you for that, as mentioned in the video I'm still new to the Nitro world so i'm always learning something new.

    As for the header, I may consider that, yes it was a bit of a pain, but I got it. I actually like the bolt on header, but I've never dealt with a spring header. I have a buggy that awaits my attention with a Picco engine that has a spring header on it, but that engine needs a rebuild due to a broken connecting rod. The previous owner blew it up. Once I get that done I'll get my first taste of a spring hook header.

    Thank you very much for checking out my videos. I'm happy that someone has responded. I'm always open to advice as I want to collect as much information about the hobby as possible. Thank you
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    Did you have to replace any of the bearings in the crankcase? I disassembled my 3.3 and the bearing in the middle of crankcase needs replaced, to me there is a lot of play in the bearing. Wondering what it takes to get the bearings out or what my options are if I can't.

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