Well this hobby is taking over my life, lol, bought my son a 1/16th digger late summer and now we are always doing something to do with R/C's, I still don't have my own yet, my daughter got a brushless merv a few weeks ago and I've been upgrading both trucks as money and time allows.

Anyway my wife is tired of finding R/C's on the kitchen table so tonight I set up a spot to work in the garage, moved some stuff around and it worked out pretty good so far.

My quad has always sat up against the bench with my wife's car behind it.

I moved it over to my spot in the garage and since I was losing my spot I pushed the sleds inside too .

I set up a table that I was not using and now I've got a nice spot to work, I keep the garage at 21 c all winter and I got TV, what else does a guy need

Waiting on some parts to come this week, I had 22 items in my ebay cart, lol.

So now my car is sitting outside in -25 because of R/C's that technically aren't even mine

I love working on them though and watching the kids run them, good times and I need to get my own for sure!

Post up some man cave pics guys!