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    Slash 2WD LCG kit conversion video

    Your support video is time lapse.. I'm a total rookie so I wanted to use your video to help me with the conversion, but it was very difficult to follow watching the whole thing in fast forward. Please repost in regular speed as well! Thanks!

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    PM for info.....

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    This video really won't help you all that much, there is not close up detail in it.

    The kit will have instructions, so I would not worry too much. The biggest thing is to organize your work space, keep your screws sorted out and have a charged electric screwdriver.
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    Unfortunately there are no instructions, but there is an exploded view diagram included. Wish I had time to put a step by step together. 70+hr work weeks coming till march... Best advice I can give is to take the parts off of the old chassis 1 section at a time then transfer to the lcg, and then post pics in a thread if you get confused.
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    What's the recommended torque settings for the screws on plastic?
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