I went out last night and got a used Summit from a guy on CraigsList and it is in very nice shape. Took it directly to my local Hobby Shop (Hobby Express, Cranberry Twp. Pa.) and they agree that it appears that it has little use on it and appears to be barely scratched underneath.

So, I purchased the Traxxas 7600 mah Lipo batteries and away I went! Upon charging and running, it is obvious to me that this thing is on/off. There is no in between. I see video on Youtube of folks rock climbing and they appear to be able to gingerly add and control power to the wheels. My 2007 E-Maxx is like that, I can creep along, roll it on, or hammer it for wild wheel spin.

Is there a way to select in the ESC programming for an "all or nothing" type of throttle? I hope that there is something I am missing here. I am running the stock ESC with Low Voltage Prtection Enabled and in program #1 (normal). I am looking for the variable throttle that I am used to on a quality RC model.