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    Transmission & Diffs...when should you Check them?

    I really try and keep my Summit clean, after each run, and give it a shot of WD40 on some of the moving parts of the A-Arms, and differentials on the drive lines. But when should you tear into the transmission & front and real diffs to make sure they are all cleaned and properly lubed? Or do you just run it until you start experiencing problems?

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    I tear mine down once the shift arm becomes stiff at all. Or when i start to see any slop in the output shaft bearings. Remember when you do decide to tear them down just use a light oil or lubricant on and around your shift fork and just a little lick of grease on the ring gear. Otherwise the shift action wil be sticky. I clean my diff parts with brake cleaner before i spray them with 3in1 white lithium. Very thin and has no friction. Too much grease is baaaad. You will pull it apert again to clean it out so it shifts if you put to much in.

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