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    Question Lifepo vs Nimh performance

    Looking for some comments from someone who's used a lifepo4 battery in the brushed erevo. How did the performance compare to the Nihm batteries that come with the truck? Was top speed and torque similar? They do have less voltage, but would offer more amperage, so I'm wondering what that works out to in real use.

    The faster charging rate of the lifepo over nimh seems like a great plus.

    I'm not looking for major performance improvements. I don't need more speed for where I drive and don't want to babysit batteries while they charge, so I'm looking for something other than lipos.

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    Well I have not used Life, they prob have come down in price over the years. More voltage = more speed, so IDK for sure what the difference will be. I would think the NiMH would still be fast, but as for power not sure..
    One thing I do know is when ever charging any batts, even your cell phone, never leave them unattended.
    Sorry not much help try the search button see what pops up, there have been a few threads in the past.....
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    Life have a lower voltage then lipo. I believe nimh will be faster for a little bit of time till the voltage drops but the life should be more consistent, probably more power overall.

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    with the merv one member ran them . not as much punch as lipo but he like all the other benefits more

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