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    new to rc world need help

    Ive recently picked up a used Nitro 4 tec 2.5 from a shop owner. It was his personal rig. Im having trouble getting it started and running. When i brought it home it had a pink fuel in the tank and i purchased 20% nitro blue in color. I believe the tune is set for the unknown pink fuel and need help tuning to 20%. Looking to set back to factory specs and start my tune from there but cant figure it out. Please help

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    I highly recommend downloading the owners manual from the traxxas support site (support link on the top of this page) and download the owners manual.

    The reason I am saying this is because it clearly states in the owners manual that changes in fuel, nitro%, weather, altitude, will all affect the tune...

    Since you changed fuels, you must re-tune your engine completely... And here's an article to help with those tuning woes... But it's not worth a light if you don't read the owners manual carefully and use a hand held temp gauge to prevent you from overheating your engine and ruining it....

    Support link for Nitro 4Tec

    Tuning helper sticky article
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