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    T-maxx 3.3 controls not working

    Hi i just got a used t-maxx 3.3 a few weeks ago and its been a pain. The first 15 minutes of running it my slipper clutch shoes exploded. Than after waiting a week to get the new shoes i go to start it and the carb is cracked. So after another two weeks of getting the parts i need to fix it i finally got to play around with it for about an hour than it starts acting up. When the truck isnt running the steering and throttle servos seem to be operating just fine but when i start the the truck they dont want to respond. The truck basically gos out of control, itll take off and not respond. I put brand new batteries in the reciever and transmitter. HELP ive about had it with this thing. Ok now i opened the traxxas link box on the truck and turned to the trasmitter and and receiver and the led on the link would blink red and green and sometimes not even light up. i wiggled around the antenna wire and the light now stays green. Any reason for this?
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    Sounds like the RX has an issue, I'd give customer support a call or E~mail about it.
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    thats what happens sometimes when u buy used. when i do buy used ones, i always have the mindset to either spend some money on new motor or new electronics.
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