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    Rustler XL5 handling

    I'm still running all Rustler XL5 stock parts on the front end. The car is upgraded to the Velineon system and I'm running the stock XL5 spur/pinion. I have Anaconda tires on the rear and the stock ribbed tires on the front. I'm using 30wt oil in the stock shocks.

    We've set up a race "track" on our street and the two most important turns happen on the asphalt. What I'm seeing is that my Rusty really pushes the front end on these turns. One is a 180 degree turn the other is about a 90 degree turn but it's the 180 turn that's killing me. I can slow down and get a decent turn but I'd REALLY like to be able to hit this turn faster with less pushing. If I can do that I'm gonna smoke my buddy in the race then just look at him with that smug look of superiority. You know what I mean.

    Any tips on how I can make the car push less in turns and still keep the speed up? I'll spend some money if I have to but can't break the bank. Not until after Christmas anyway.

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    There should be some information in the Manual regarding suspension set up. Also, changing your roll center will change the cornering characteristics. I cant suggest any set ups, as I am learning about this too. There are several articles online that talk about this. I think you will find your front tires will have some play here as well.

    i hope some of the race guys chime in, but in the mean while, see if you can find anything about roll center and weight transition online.


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    Rustler will tend to push if you are udner power because the front end is being lifted and so the tires are not getting a lot of bite or traction. Stiffening the rear suspension so the weight does not transfer rearward may help or adding some weight to the front may help also.

    Changing your driving style will probably give you better results. If you can learn to slide the rear end around that 180 corner will make you faster.
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    Is it all asphalt? If so, source a set of Victory fronts from eBay or the LHS. Also, experiment a little and run 40wt or higher in the front shocks. With the 30wt, you are getting weight transfer to the front but most likely too much too fast. A little more compression resistance will end up with a longer interval of weight transfer, with the result of more front grip. Think of it as more of a forward rotation instead of a nosedive.
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