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    stock rustler wanting to make it track ready

    Any suggestions I am getting rpm parts please help with gear sizes and tires and any other things that would be helpfull

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    you want to keep the weight down, not make it bullet proof....breaking parts isnt an issue like it would be with a basher Rustler. RPM isnt that light.

    Check out the link above, its a good starting point

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    Keep the center of gravity as low as possible too.

    For example, move the esc to the side of the chassis opposite the receiver. This will balance the weight and lower the COG. Then, you can cut down the esc plate to just the area with the 4 screws (you still need some of that part for chassis stiffness).

    Also, get some rear toe-in. Aluminum 4-tec rear carriers give 1.5 degrees. An FLM tranny can give up to 4. For racing, I'd recommend around 4 degrees.

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    Tires are a must upgrade... And this is a little old but still helpful

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