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    Yet another SPS conversion...

    This time I will be converting a 7001139-Y000 Artesyn

    In case you have missed my other builds to date, here are their links:

    Be sure to read the warnings/notes I have posted in the above threads... they apply here as well.

    On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most difficult; this is a 9... possibly a 10.
    You will need to be very skilled with a soldering iron as you will be required to solder on a circuit board in close proximity to parts that should not be soldered in order to fire these server power supplies (SPS's) up.

    The tools/parts I used:
    60 watt soldering pencil
    280 watt soldering gun
    >Wire wheel
    >Cut off disc
    Shrink tube

    Label of the SPS

    Found out that pins 3 and 4 (marked in red) need to be shorted to power up the supplies.
    The 30 solder pots on the left in two lines of 15 are what need to be soldered to tap into the 12dcv.

    Soldered these two together on the circuit board as it is nearly impossible to solder inside the socket of these supplies.

    Definitely not pretty, but it will get the job done. I tied into all of the available areas to distribute the amperage across as many pins as possible.

    Here is the only shot I remembered to get of the AC side... sorry!

    But here is a diagram:

    This project was for a fellow member of these boards.... he requested that two of these supplies be wired up in series, so this is what I did for him. He will be performing the finishing touches himself... maybe he will post up a follow through!
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    Man the solder on those black and red mains is close together on the board... any concerns about it arcing or stuff getting caught up in there causing a short? Wouldnt take much metal dust to build up between them. I certainly have no place making suggestions about this stuff as im definitely no expert. But you could use a dremel cut off disk to just grind away some of the solder and add a few MM of space between the 2 lumps of solder then maybe coat the whole thing in liquid electrical tape. Again, great setup. Wildly impressive. That would be the only thing that would concern me with a really high amp system.
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    They are no closer than the original pins where... I certainly hope there is no arcing! If it does though, all they will do is shut down... once the issue is fixed all that should be needed is to plug them back in to get them running again.

    Some sort of coating may not be a bad idea... if only they were not already packed up and read to ship. lol

    Since the final user is going to be mounting these within a case, I doubt any sort of debris is going to accumulate and cause issues.
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    Great work there.
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