So I am starting this thread in the middle of the build process. It really began back when I bought a pede 4x4 from snowfighter in August.

It started looking like this.

Heres how it looks now.

Mods so far Are:

Aluminum Bearing Adapter
Protrac Arms and Links
Kingheadz Aluminum Motor Mount
Snappy ESC Mount
Stampede RX Box
Aluminum Wheelie Bar Wheels
RIT Dyed Chassis
Casle MMP
Traxxas Label 2400 Motor
TQI Radio
Traxxas Big Bores
DuraTrax Lockup 1/8 Wheels and Tires
Robinson Racing Gears

In The Mail:

MIP 17mm Adaptors
MIP Heavy Duty Driveshafts F/R

Soon To Be Ordered:

Chevy Body
Proline Body Mounts
RPM Front and Rear Bumpers
and Some more Minor Things

Any comments/suggestions appreciated. Will update it as parts come in.