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Thread: Driveshaft

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    I was wondering if the TRX6451/6452 from the XO-1 would fit on a Pede vxl with the Protrac kit installed? It appears that the 6452 shafts would need different rear carriers and that possibly the 6451 shafts would drop right in. Not sure, please help. dc
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    hmm um... traxxas has xo-1 styled shafts out for the slash rwd .i herd that they could be used with the protrack but dont hold me to it

    i dont know the part #'s
    sorry if those are the part #'s above that im talking about
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    Jato shafts fit a rustler/bandit. And their stronger than rustler/bandit shafts. I have some on my bandit and i hace a brushless set up with a 3s lipo

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