The build of my Traxxas Jato Nitro R/C truck.
When I got out of the R/C's several years ago the Traxxas Jato was just hitting the market. I would go to Hobby Town and just all over it. haha But they were out of my price range at the time and plus the wife would have killed me. I had so much money in my current R/C's at the time.
A deal came up recently that I couldn't pass up on a decent used one so I grabbed it up. :wahoo
Here it is the day I got it. I was like a kid with this thing. Haha It already had the OS 18TM motor on it.

It didn't take long before I broke it.

So I looked up parts to fix it then the obsession of these dang things came back. Haha it first started with parts just to replace those that needed replaced. Then when I get board I find myself looking at hop up parts for it. I will update this thread as I get new parts and changes to it. You all will have first hand accounts of my sickness. I just can't leave anything alone. :graon.

here are some cool pics that I took of it when I very first got it a few weeks ago....

A couple of the first parts I bought was a replacement Air filter. It needed one but instead of stock I got a Nice Blue aluminum filter case where the top unscrews to replace or clean the foam filter. Look really good and very functional.

I replaced the rear shock tower as well. as you can see in the pic above before the wheelie bar it flipped over backwards sliding on it's tops a few times grinding down the body mounts.

I also got a replacement battery box and a wheelie bar so it would quit flipping over when I got on the throttle hard.