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    Couple of questions....

    Not sure if this has been answered before but I have a couple questions about this rally car. If someone who knows or works for Traxxas could answer this, it will be the deciding factor on whether I get one or not.

    Is this based off of a SC truck or the 4 Tec (on road touring)? I want to know if a 200mm/190mm body is going to fit on this rally car or is it going to be an oblong SC sized body? I see that ProLine has come out with Rally bodies and wheels/tires for the SC trucks which is pretty sweet but I would rather have a 4 tec type car than a SC frame/body size.
    Thanks for any feedback.
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    It's based on the Traxxas Slash 4x4. Sorry for the bad news, but that's the true...
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    found with a little reading

    Quote Originally Posted by rag6 View Post
    That is a good replica. What body is in the last pic, and what chassis is it designed for? Is it a 1/8 body???
    Thunder Tiger ER-4 G3 Mini Countryman WRC body
    Length: 480mm
    Width: 305-310mm
    Wheelbase: 330mm
    It's called a 1:8 vehicle.

    1/10 Rally Dimensions
    Length: 552mm
    Track: 297mm
    Wheelbase: 324mm

    Edit: Clear version

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    I appreciate the prompt replies. Thanks!
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