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    Wink Revo night driving lights...

    I was tramping around my local park late sunday evening, keeping a guys boxer dog fit as it was running trying to keep up ith my revo,.
    As I kept being interupted by people impressed by my driving, sorry, my REVO, it started to get darker and darker and I was'nt finished...
    Eventually I couldn't stray my revo too far as I could only really hear it and loose direction so ended up in the street, not the street I live on obviously, lol
    I proberbly upset a few people at home watching the tv before heading off to bed as my revo charged up and down their street on its back wheels. Hehe

    Anyway, It crossed my mind to fit a few lights and try out a bit of night driving, I've seen some nice Led kits online but wandered if anyone else has done this.
    Looking into it before I decided to ruin my canopy...
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