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    Gearing suggestions for a begining racer......

    Hey everyone.......

    I'm looking for some gearing suggestions. I'm planning on trying out some off-road racing next spring and am in the process of building my Monster Energy 2wd slash. (I know that's probably been done but, hey, I like the claw)

    Here's what I'll be running

    ESC/Motor - Castle Creations SV2 Sidewinder Sport ESC + 4600Kv

    Battery - Venom 5000 MaH 2c Lipo 7.4 volt.

    thanks in advance everyone, any input would be awesome!

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    The best gearing depends on the kind of track. On a track with longs straits you can gear higher. I would suggest that you get some diverend pinions and spur gears so you can experiment. They don't cost that much.
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    Could you post a link to the track? I wanna see the surface and size.

    If its a high traction track, then the motor combo may work well. If its a low traction surface, you may want to look into a sensored setup. The sv2/4600 is not the smoothest setup for a slippery track.
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