ive been reading alot of threads about the Rally VXL and the KB version (if theres a differance besides styling) and i realized that there is a slight problem with over heating. It was than i wondered how I could protect my investment cause lets not kid ourselves this hobby is an investment and i found imadeadoot's post http://traxxas.com/forums/showthread...or-ventilation and i decided i wanted to do something like that. than i started looking at my KB body to figure out how i could vent it without taking away to much from the intended look and i came up with what i did in these pictures. although i still have to vent the rear but im waiting till i get my body reamer in to make nice holes instead of half fast junk

the overall look

the hood which i hope will create a vacuum and pull air in

the roof scoop which will push air hopefully directly on the engine

the underside

i know the holes arent perfect but this is my first "good looking" vent job. also i coated the underside with white appliance paint because its durable (look at how many dings your fridge gets without scratching) and with it being white itll also help keep the colors more vibrant.