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    Yes she most certainly is.. She has been showing up at my saturday night races lately bringing my two young daughters thats what got me to get them their own cars.. They don't run with us, but will be running before we "race"... My 18 year old son runs with us... too bad we run in the dark and the cars generally get destroyed each weekend.. but half the fun is rebuilding them for the next time.. Unfortunately we have to bring several cars each to the "races" or you will be quickly watching from the sidelines.. My wife used to cringe when we crashed, but now just laughs.. Its addictive, but expensive as well...These races are mostly run with HPI RS4's and Sprint 2's during the summer and when it gets colder, we run only Slashes.. No other cars will stand up to the abuse that we put them thru.. its not for the meek..
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