Yesterday I ran my slash 4x4 accidently in the ocean.. About 2m deep and it took aprox 10min before getting it up.
Then it took about 1 hour before i rinse it in the shower and then opened the reciever, motor and esc and
sprayed it with electronik-cleaner, the i let it dry over night and testet it this afternoon.
And guess what, everything worked fine. I forgot to spray the servo contact, but i hope it will work when i
change the contact. Reciever worked even it was soaked in saltwater. Even my lipo worked fine, but i never going to charge it inside the house...
I sprayed the hole car with lots of WD40 and none ball bearings is defect
I must say im very impressed by the quality of the traxxas product.
Now its just wait and see how long it will work

Espen Jensen