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    Hog Question

    I want to ask Hog a few questions. I don't know if hog or you guys know it or not, but Hog and I have something in common. His dad and my dad went to different schools together. So I figure he should answer me a couple of questions. He seems to be in the kno about this stuff.

    Question #1 What is the advantage of having four trim tabs installed on the back of a Spartan boat?

    Question #2 If one day, you had a spartan boat and you use two 3s 25c lipo batteries, and you run the boat untill battery cut-off. Then the next day, you take that same Spartan boat and use two 3s 45c lipo batteries in it untill battery cut-off. What would be the difference between using the 3s 25c, and the 3s 45c batteries with regards to performance and wear on the boat...if any?

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    Let me guess, your dad told you the same story about walking 10 miles to school every day, in a blizzard, with the sun beating down his back, up hill, both ways. lol.

    #1. The advantage of the extra tabs is somewhat debatable. Some owners feel they make a huge difference helping to stabilize the boat at high speed, my experience has been the difference is marginal.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong, only that experiences vary. Other aspects of your setup like battery weight and position, strut angle, rudder angle, etc. all affect how the boat handles, so results can easily vary boat to boat.

    The theory (and a valid theory btw) is; because of the deep vee on the Spartan hull it rides high out of the water at higher speeds and the existing tabs loose contact with the water. Adding the second set of tabs gives you trim control lower on the hull when the stern is riding high.

    #2. There is theoretically no difference in performance or wear on the boat itself between 25C batteries and 45C batteries. These ratings are specific to the batteries themselves.

    The C ratings are a measure of how many amps the battery can deliver safely without damaging the battery due to high internal resistance.

    The higher the C rating, the higher the Amps the battery can deliver (discharge rate) safely.

    So a 25C battery could sustain damage in a high amp draw application easier than than a 45C battery.

    And, if the 25C battery cannot provide the amperage the system is trying to draw, performance could be affected because the system (motor) is starving for power.

    So indirectly, a battery with too low of C rating for the application can affect the overall performance of the RC vehicle. But unless you seriously "brown out" the electronics, the damage should be to battery, not the vehicle.

    I did a bit of a write up explaining C ratings, I will see if I can find the thread it is in and link it.


    About 1/2 - 2/3 the way down this thread:
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    You dah man Mr. Hog, and thank you for your time. Yes, you are correct. My dad did tell me that story when I was a kid, but he also said that they had to share one pair of shoes. And that, when one of them got to the top of the hill, they threw the shoes down to the next guy, so he could use them. (lol)

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    My dad...same story...except it was always winter and 20 deg. below zero.

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