I have the 7005 model summit 4x4 1/16 scale. is this a VXL or not? it is a brushed motor, not brushless, and it came with waterproof esc and low voltage detecting for lipo batteries.

what is the MAX voltage I can run through this esc, and how do i do that? I know series and parallel connectors are available all over the place. I have been reading that parallel is about all you can do with this esc. what about changing it to a larger esc from say a 1/10 summit? can this little starter unit handle those kind of voltages and still keep the gearbox in them? I mostly play with this around truck stops and rest areas since I am a truck driver. Figured if i wreck it, I HAVE to get walking around some.. It already has suffered some pretty good battle wounds from an oklahoma service plaza with a really bumpy driveway..

Evidence is below, including a video of the gravel damage..