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Thread: 2.5r issues

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    2.5r issues

    I have a 2.5r in my tmaxx it has been a great engine ran great very little tuning. I think its getting tired. Last two times I ran it I couldnt get my temps above 200 degrees. Slow no second gear, stalling, one full turn in hs needle made little change, back to stock nothing. New glow plug etc Its was 83 out side and low humidity. Cant think of what else it could be, engine still has a little compression when cold. Any thing Iam not thinking of, probably 4-6 gallons through engine, thanks for any input

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    probably time for a rebuild or new engine
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    Time for a new engine, man. 4-6 gallons is what can be expected out of an engine.
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    Send the sleeve to for a repinch @$24 it's cheaper then a new engine if yours is just a worn sleeve issue.
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