And now, for the reason I'm still awake. Like I've said before, I need to keep on my 3rd shift sleep routine, so all night I have been working on a new basement project. I have been wanting to re-do the cold storage room. I was originally wanting to keep the wood shelving that was in there, but I decided to tear it all out of there. Two reasons for this. One, I needed to drylock this room because they are really bad. Tearing out the shelves made this much easier. Secondly, I have just enough wire racking to fill two walls and I can make the shelves fit whatever I need to store in there.

So, after my wife went to bed, the demolition began! I still can't believe how soundproof the basement is. I was hitting a prybar with a hammer to get some of the boards loose, and she didn't hear a thing. Got all those ripped out, removed said lumber, swept up a bit, and proceeded to start scraping walls. Yep, enough scrapings to fill another trash can! Several hours later, I was finally ready to open a second five gallon bucket of Drylok. I got the first coat on the cement walls, and finally finished around 6:15am! I'm beat, so the rest of the pics.....

On my way.....

One wall done.

Time to move this pile....uugggg.

Cleared out and ready for scraping....

Man, if there was a market for paint chips, I could make some money!

Of course, my battle with the spiders continues...

Much better!!

Just gotta prime and paint the wood walls, and this room will ne good for shelf construction. (After a second round of Drylok, of course.)

This window will need some caulking, weatherstripping, and some new paint of it's own, too.

More tomorrow; I've gotta get some sleep!!!!

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Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk 2