ok so to start off i was into the nitro scene until recently when i traded both my 4907 maxx and my slayer pro along with other things to get a car i wanted. well i wanted to switch to electric so ive decided to go with a slash. now i dont have a car yet at all because do to bills and what not its hard to save up enough to just go buy a rtr setup. so im going to start with a roller so that i can just slowly build it the way i want it without having to spend extra by replacing parts i dont want anyway.

im completely new to electric as well as the slash of course so all input, advice, tips, tricks ect. is all greatly appritiated and will be taken into consideration.

so to start with theres 2 main rollers ive been looking at.

this one is cheaper but does not have the transmission at price tag of $84 shipped.


this one has the brushless transmission in it but is $95 and im thinking is the better deal because of that since i will be running brushless.


and then im just going to put this link from the alley since theres some info in it that is helpful already.