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    Angry slash drivelines?

    i just got the vxl for my 2wd slash and it keeps breaking the drivelines im wondering if anyone knows of some strong universal joints i can use any thoughts will be good help i need some thing that can take all that power! pls help thx

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    What are you running? The stock axles hold up pretty well, usually. I would check to see if you have any binding anywhere by turning the wheels by hand and cycling the suspension.

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    Well if you keep breaking the output yolks, traxxas makes some steel replacement ones, or there are a few companies that make drive shaft replacements such as:
    ST Racing Concepts-

    Some people on the forum have had luck using the slash 4x4 axles because they are thicker.
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    What battery r u using
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    So are you on pavement and using full reverse stops? My VXL Slash is holding up fine on 2s and 3s power and it isn't babied either. My grandsons Slash with VXL takes a good beating and no u-joint failures yet though they are now finally getting loose.
    Any chance your slip joints in the shafts are bound up, they can get real tight and not slide well at all

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    i use the slash 4x4 driveshafts they hold up good even on 3s and 4s for me this is running onroad
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    I am running a strong 2s combo on a super high bite carpet track with a locked slipper, and the 4x4 axles are holding up race after race with no issues at all. I did have some issues before that when the rear axles were not shimmed correctly(shimmed too tight) at the rear bearing carrier though. Even with a looser slipper setting. They were twisting like pretzels. Make sure there is a little(not a lot) of play frrom side to side. If running 3s, you may need to loosen the slipper just a little.
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