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    tracking problem

    ive noticed on my merv, that every time i go to run it i need to adjust the steering to track straight. and its more to the right. is there something i can do to keep a true track every time i go to run it with out the adjustment?

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    For straight lines a gyro would be good. A good one alot of people use is the exceed GD-4 gyro

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    Why would you need a gyro when the MERV should track straight out of the box... It's RTR remember lol! I just fixed my Vorza and used my RPM camber guage to set everything up properly... I'm going to use it again on my MERV since that was a problem I had before I stopped running my MERV due to running my Vorza! Do the setting of camber and toe with your running batteries in the vehicle... Sometimes cross weight can be unbalanced...
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    maybe you should upgrade the servo .with the stocker mine used to do the same thing ,put a hitec 5085mg and have never had a problem since

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