This forum seemed to be the best place to put this mod. But if the Admin's feel different, then by all means please move it to a more appropriate one.

Yesterday I was adjusting my steering linkage and checking out my servos when I stumbled upon the possibility that one could gain more turning radius.

I'm not talking about programing the servo end points, I've already done that and still my E Maxx turning is a little less than desired. Setting the max end points still leaves almost a 1/4" the the tires could turn before hitting the turnbuckle (at least with my current tires, other tires might leave more or less room to play with).

My video production skills need to be honed… A LOT! I'm not the best at this at all. Also my technical equipment isn't up to par. But hey, I think I got the point across.

I think all in all this would take about 15 minutes to do. It took me longer because I did some investigating before I did the actual mod.

If this has already been done and it's old info, I apologies up front. I did some searching on it and couldn't find anything.

So enough of the chatting and on with the show…