Hey everyone,

I have recently started having problems with by radio equipment and i was hoping someone could shed some light on it. Im running a nitro rustler with an old 27mhz radio (and 3.3 engine, muhaha) and i can run it fine for about 5-10 mins but after that my radio seems to turn on and off. It seems to consistantly happen when i hit my brakes. I will brake and my servos will just stay in that position without returning to their default spot. (luckily it hasnt stopped at WOT) After about 10-15 seconds it will start recieving again and my servos will reset to their default position and i can start driving again. (atleast until i hit the brakes, then it stops again)

Sometimes turning off and on my transmitter will unlock my servos but it doesnt fix the problem. I was thinking i might need to replace my crystals but i would like some more opinions before i start buying parts.

Any ideas?