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    Nothing today! I did manage to make the wear holes on the roof a bit bigger
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    I just heard some clicking in the front end and only when I break hard. I'm sure it's the front diff. but I haven't had time to pull it apart yet. 😩

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    Ruined my Savox 1258TG. Time to look for something better...
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    Took her to the local bmx track yesterday and thrashed her but good.

    After a few bad landings clearing the doubles I was pleasantly surprised to see my body was still in good shape.

    For all you doubters out there I have not reinforced my body and landed a few times from 10' in the air straight down on my SLASH 4X4 rear bumper and the only damage was a lost body clip.

    P.S. the new MAXX Chevrons handled the hard packed clay rather well, next time there I'll try my street fighters.
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    Shock caps popped off. The threads weren't messed up, I repaired once in the field but after the second time called it quits as the oil had leaked out completely. Aluminum ones ordered now, hopefully that will help.
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