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    Lightbulb [VIDEO] : Mounting Proline Trencher 40 series on Axial Narrow Rockster Bead Lock rims


    Here is a video that shows in detail how to mount the tires on the rims. How to prepare foams. What to watch. This is a model of a tire and wheel often recommended on the Summit forum, so it was an opportunity to offer a tutorial for those who need it (myself included, I sought an online, I found but not with these rims or tires togeteher, so I found it useful to make one for the community).

    Tires reference: [PROLINE Trencher 3.8" (40 Series) All Terrain Tires] PL1160
    Rims reference: [AXIAL Oversize NARROW Rockster Bead Lock] AX8071 (black), AX8072 (black chrome), AX8070 (white) and AX8073 (silver chrome)

    Sorry for the lack of technical vocabulary in English ... I did my best, the images speak for itself I think.
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