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    Traxxas General Lee

    Hello everybody,
    I've been reading a lot on this forum and I finally made an account and joined in. So I recently bought my traxxas ken block vxl and enjoyed it a lot! But I wanted a body different from the rest (I like the kb body a lot but wanted an other one). So I saw this body available for the 1/16 rally on eBay :

    So I decided to buy one and make a General Lee out of it. (I know the General Lee was not a Chevrolet Camaro but infact a "69 Dodge Charger R/t) With lack of other bodies this was the closest thing to that.

    So about the body, it's pretty solid and quality lexan, just one disadvantage no decals or window masks came with the body so it's a pain to make all these decals and window masks yourself.
    For wheels i took the wheels from the kyle busch 1/16 car and painted the spokes to look like the vectors from an original General Lee:

    Your other option would be the "stock car wheel" from HPI:

    Here are a few pictures of the result so far (it's not finished yet!), the front grill is not good yet need to find a sort of grill sticker and i still need to make a roll cage, pull bar and all the lights:

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    that body really looks good in orange. and the wheels do look ok.
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    Awesome piece of work!
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    I'm skeptical when it comes to bodies on eBay and the sellers saying that it fits the car. I get the impression it will fit but will be ill-fitting. That looks very nice!
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    very cool. i love the dukes of hazard. not to steal your idea but i may just have to make me a general lee body for my slash.

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    That thing looks sick!!! You did a great job painting it.
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    Excellent work... there is no question you have a very unique rally there. Nice job on the paint also.
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    That looks Awesome! I dont know what you could so for lights, you may want to look at bumpers from a mini slash of Merv that you could use for the push bar on the fronr.

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    That is awesome! I was sceptical about the body and the wheels working out, but they did!
    Well done!

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    Thanks everybody, but i still haven't found anything that i could use for front grill and i don't know how to solve that but ill keep looking, for the taillights and foglights ill get some red and silver sticker sheets and cut it up to look like the original lights.

    I'm not putting this on the forum to show off, i'm putting this on the forum so everybody could do this. I have this site on ebay that's great for decals like the confederate flag and the "01" on both doors:

    They even have them in different sizes so there's definately a match for a slash just look at the dimensions.
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