Hi all. I'm new to 1/16, coming from a 1/10 Slash 4x4 project. I'm a flat-track dirt & gravel kind of guy and not really at home on asphalt, but I'm widening my horizons.

I just got a Boss 302 'cuz I love the 1/16 chassis ... it's a jewel! I'm using a single 3s and OEM gears. It's quick! However, since its a gym car, the little 'Stang is way too loose out of the box for my taste. I can run a figure-8 on smooth asphalt without spinning if I do it REAL slowly. Front grip seems to be fine; too much, even. Rear grip is almost non-existant, so the back whips all over the place like a good gym car should.

I changed to some stickier tires and that helped some, but it's still real hard to drive for this newbie. Until I learn how to drive it properly, can anyone suggest ways to improve rear grip on the 1/16 chassis?