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    Exclamation Stampede 4X4 Flashing Green and Red ESC Light

    Hi, I just picked up a Stampede 4X4 and I am a beginner. I charged up my NiMH batteries and went to test my new Stampede out, but the light on the ESC was flashing red and green. I am not sure what this flash means, but I am unable to drive the Stampede. I do have control of the steering, but when I try to throttle the vehicle the wheels do not rotate. I would really appreciate any help so I can start driving my brand new Stampede 4X4!

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    button could be stuck

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    Hi, Duke! Welcome to the addiction.

    Sounds like the VXL-3s has entered over voltage protection. You may be in LiPo mode on the VXL-3s, and when connecting a fully charged NiMH the voltage will be too high. It is explained on page 17-18 in the manual (model 67086).
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