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    The wheelie bar looks familiar to me!!!

    I knew I had some good ideas for Traxxas!!! Now, I want to meet Mike Jenkins...

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    Shorter wheel base also... its not a slash... I wonder if an MMM system would fit... there doesnt look to be much room between the motor and ESC.

    I wonder just how many suspension parts are the same. Are the arms Slash length? Or are they shorter? It looks to have 4 front offset pede wheels... but it doesnt look to be substantially wider than a 2X4 pede... which makes me wonder if maybe they arent using a more narrow arm than a 4X4 slash. In which case, a wide mod for this truck would simply be 4X4 slash arms.
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    Looks great.. There will be one of these added to the collection in the very near future. Only complaint I have is the body is way too high. I'll have to get a close look at it saturday and see if there is an easy way to lower the mounts.
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